About our Consulting

Our Experience

Experienced in financial and charter school management.  

Carl Raggio is a banking veteran who had an opportunity to run a large charter school in the Los Angeles area.  He learned the issues charter schools faced and was able, with his banking skills, to solve issues.  From then on, he is an avid supporter of the charter school movement.

He has over 30 years in the banking industry with experience in real estate lending, property acquisition and project/construction management.

Our Approach

You are in the education field and not the financial world.  It is tough enough to stay up with educational standards.  Hence, all our clients find that they need our expertise to help explain, solve and become a partner. 

 Our approach is to make solutions available in a way that makes sense and provide a long-term approach.  While we do many things, our number one mantra is to give you financial freedom.

Why Us?

The experience of thousands of financing transactions and managing a charter school makes us a unique firm.  We've been in your shoes and know the needs you have.  Not many charter school consulting firms can offer that.