Mr. Raggio has been a veteran banker for over 30 years in Southern California.  He was formally trained in real estate lending and later in his career became a turn-around specialist for banks that were in trouble.

He has underwritten nearly a thousand real estate loans, overseen numerous property acquisitions and managed a significant number of construction loan projects.

He as served as a CEO or COO for over 10 companies and has accomplished 8 turnarounds. 

His most proud accomplishment is turning around a charter school.  In 2010, Mr. Raggio was hired by the then board of directors for Ivy Academia to be a "temporary" Executive Director, pending the outcome of an arraignment for the prior school founders and executives.  On the day he was hired, the school's charter was in revocation, cash was not available for payroll and parents and teachers were at a loss for what to do.  The "temporary" job become something more like permanent in which Mr. Raggio:

  • Was able to negotiate away from the revocation proceedings with the school's authorizer and able to establish a good standing;
  • Brought in financing to shore up payroll;
  • Brought in new board members with skills and expertise that matched the school's needs.
  • Negotiated a separation agreement with the school's founders;
  • Obtained four school sites for Ivy's 1200 student population;
  • Establish financial veracity and strength.
  • Found a replacement for the ED position who had educational management skills.

When Mr. Raggio started at Ivy, he made a promise to the Board, teachers and parents: he would someday get their much deserved school site for the entire K-12 program.   In 2018, he did just that.